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If you live in Burlingame, you know there is only one trusted name for all locksmith jobs. We are not your regular locksmith and have spent years building a reputation that exudes excellence everywhere we go. When we are called, our locksmiths are gearing up to get to you and resolve your locks and keys issues.

Do not settle for less because your security starts with a good lock, keys, and a professional locksmith.

Burlingame Locks and keys locksmith service

Need a professional locksmith service in Burlingame? Call us now or send us an email to find out more about our service.

What We Can Do for You

Residential Locksmith Near Me

Residential Locksmith

Did you misplace your key? Is your house key broken, stolen, or does not turn in the lock? Perhaps the lock is compromised, and you need something new. If your home does not feel relaxing and safe, you need to ramp up the security, and the locks are one way to install calmness in your life and home.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Commercial Locks & Keys

Burlingame Locks and keys can provide any type of high-security lock or upgrade for businesses in the community. Whether it is a small stall or an office building, a restaurant, or a service center, we can help. Keep your business safe with a lock from Burlingame locks and keys today.

Auto Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

A car lockout or losing the keys is frustrating, but it can happen to anyone, and you will need our help. If you live in Burlingame, we are just around the corner to assist you. Our automotive service includes key duplication, reprogramming, extraction, and ignition lock installation.

24-hour Locksmith

Locksmith problems can happen anytime and having a locksmith on standby is all the difference between panic and sanity. Neighborhood Locksmith SF is available round the clock. No kidding, we are here 24/7 for you. So call us day or night on (415) 881-3721  and we will be with you at your home, business, or office as soon as possible.

Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith Nearby

Have you ever been in a lock or key situation? What did you do? We bet you were so confused and mentally blackout for a couple of minutes. Well, this is your time to have a certified locksmith number on your phone. San Francisco is a beautiful city, but you should never underestimate your safety. Call us today at (415) 881-3721.

Locksmith San Francisco

Local Locksmith Service

Being a business that services San Francisco for a decade, we understand the needs of our community. We are a local brand with a knack for the safety and security of residents and business owners. Do not go looking for a locksmith far away; we are just around the block.
Call us at (415) 881-3721 now.

Emergency services

Need a locksmith immediately? We are the team for the job. Locks and keys issues can happen at any time and you need a local locksmith to help you resolve the problem. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not waste your time. Call us immediately for a quick and reliable result.

Rekey Service

Locks re-key –the consequences of not securing your home or business are massive. It gives room to intruders, thieves, and criminals. You lose valuable possessions at home and money at your business place. Rekeying is affordable and a cheaper way to boost the security of your property without breaking the bank.

Locks Change Service

Lock change– a bad lock leaves a vulnerable home. The same applies to your workplace, boat, car, and safety. The best option is to change the locks and save yourself the trouble of a break-in when you least expect it. If you just moved house or apartment, you need a lock change too. Regardless of your reasons, call us now.

24/7 Emergency Service

Imagine after a long day at work, your house is locked out or your car is locked out. You may not know how it feels if you have never experienced it, but if you are reading this, save our number now.

Regardless of the time, we are open for service to all residents and businesses in Burlingame. We are a reliable locksmith service for lock change, installation, rekeying, repairing, and maintaining all types of locks.

If you need to know more, read through our service page just below.

Trained and Certified

We are your neighborhood locksmith eager to resolve all your problems if they are related to locks and keys. At Belmont Locksmith, we take on all types of locks and keys and any locksmith service you may need.

Talented Locksmiths

Number one, we have opened a customer service line to can inquire about what we do and how we do it. Additionally, our online store is stocked with high-quality locks and key security systems for all purposes. We only stock products from recognized vendors with a warranty on all parts. Everything you need is here.

Latest Techniques

We love locksmithing and are ready to assist with each call. Locksmithing is a continuous learning process, and we put ourselves out there to study and master new techniques. Our technicians also take classes to stay abreast of the locksmith industry. We cannot allow innovation to pass us by. We are born ready.

why choose us

There are several reasons for hiring a locksmith, but a professionally certified one is better than a self-acclaimed one. If you are in Burlingame and are looking for a locksmith, these are reasons to choose us.

We are affordable and will never charge you any extra because your safety is our concern.

We have a reliable team of trained and professionally qualified locksmiths for any lock and key problems.

We are certified, bonded, insured, and registered with the right association.

We continually follow locks and keys evolution to give our customers only the best.

Whether you have a go-to locksmith or not, you will enjoy working with us as we are all about customer satisfaction. If you need more reasons, call us and a trial will convince you. Finally, we are dependable and ensures that residential, commercial, and automotive customers will find rest with our service.

Do not fall for fakes or scammers? Call Burlingame Locks and keys locksmith for a good business relationship and increase the safety of you and your loved ones.


High-security Lock Systems for your home or office allows you to control the number of people who access your property. The high-security lock systems allow you to secure the premise, know who is coming or going, and enable you to decide who enters or turns back.
Key cutting – having a spare key when your car key gets lost, missing, or stolen is incredible. If you are tired of losing your house, office, or car keys, this is the time to make more than one. It is affordable and remember to stay calm when a key is missing or lost.

Committed and Equipped

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction – working with a low quality locksmith is a risk. We not only ensure the job is done well, but that our customers are satisfied with it. Overall, we deliver beyond their expectations.


We have a reliable, professional, and trustworthy team for our business. Furthermore, we are insured, bonded, certified, and our locksmiths are trained too. They understand old locksmithing techniques and have adopted innovative methods and tools to enable them to handle any issue they encounter.

Any Location

Finally, we have a 24/7 emergency service that runs all year round. There are no holidays with us because we know how frustrating losing your keys can be at any time of the year. If you need a can-do-it-all locksmith, the guys at Belmont Locksmith are the best in the business.

what do we do

We are the reliable locksmiths in Burlingame. If you suddenly find yourself with a lock and key problem or related issues, give us a call immediately. We also run a 24/7 emergency service because locks can give way at any time of the day or night. Are you locked out or stranded after a night at the club? Call us, and we will be at your location as soon as possible.

Before we arrive, please stay calm and do not attempt to pick your own lock or risk causing more damage and paying more to the locksmith.

Why do you need a locksmith?

There are moments in life that suddenly get you thinking about why you never saved a locksmith’s number on your phone. Burlingame locks and keys locksmith service understands the urgency in a customer’s voice when they lose their key.

When in a house lockout or car lockout, you cannot find your keys, you need a locksmith. If you need to improve the security system on your property, it is the job of a locksmith. Do you need to change, repair, install or rekey a lock? Call a locksmith? Locksmiths are indispensable pillars of our society and, without them, safety is compromised.

Whether you have used the services of a locksmith before or not, locksmiths are professional bodies that cater to our community. So if you have a lock and key problem, call the trained and qualified guys at Burlingame Locks and Keys to resolve it.


Friendly Service Providers

DIY a lock or key might be a fun task to undertake, but it will result in causing more damage to the lock and ultimately calling the locksmith (us) to help you out. So o answer the above question, Neighborhood Locksmith SF is your friendly service provider keeping our residents, business owners, and drivers safe in the community.

We are your modern-day hero, ensuring you are safe with the right locks and keys in place.

Do you need to know more about what we do? Call us at (415) 881-3721 or send us an email at info@neighborhoodlocksmithsf.com.

Neighborhood Locksmith Reviews

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson
Jonathan arrived within 15 minutes after I first called on a Sunday. He was polite and efficient. I would highly recommend them!
Lil Rob Wave
Lil Rob Wave
Nisha Walker
Nisha Walker
Eli was super polite , quick with responding, He is the best show some support to this locksmith. If I every get locked out again I know who to call !! Excellent service ! Thank you Eli !!!
Will Boogiie
Will Boogiie
lost 2016 Chrysler 300 car key Marlo and bar made me run in business best automotive locksmiths in San Francisco
Raymond Gutierrez
Raymond Gutierrez
Quality locksmith service that I’d highly recommend to anyone. Eli is an experienced technician that shows up super fast and helped me out of a tough situation. If you’re looking for a reputable and trustable locksmith service don’t hesitate and give them a call
Terrssa Dallas
Terrssa Dallas
Far from neighborhood locksmith came to Hayward California make me a key to my 2007 Ford Mustang after I lost my car key the guy was really fast and professional told my friends about him if you guys losing to keep the car just go with neighborhood locksmith San Francisco
Michael wright
Michael wright
Eli is the man ! Came down two days in a row and blessed with two keys for my Honda Accord at a great price !
Locked out of my house he came and unlocked
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson
Lost my car key to my 2007 BMW three series borrow from neighborhood locksmith SF came to Oakland airport and made me a key to my vehicle best service ever
Bar was amazing made Thank you replacement on my 2000 Ford mustang it was very fast and efficient will definitely recommend my friends if they will find out that lost the car key for the vehicle

about us

Are you looking for the best locksmith service in San Francisco? Connect with our team at Neighborhood Locksmith SF immediately. We are happy to receive your call and send a locksmith to your location ASAP.

So who is Neighborhood Locksmith?

There is a locksmith everywhere you look in Burlingame, but one name stands above the crowd, and they are certified, qualified, and trusted by the communities they serve. If you are looking for a locksmith in Burlingame, then we are the best for the job. No lock is too simple or complex for our team. Additionally, we work swiftly and professionally with no damage. Our locksmiths have been servicing Burlingame for decades, and we do not take this appreciation for granted. We provide high-quality locksmithing services to help keep Burlingame safe and businesses even safer. Our team is dedicated and trained to resolve any lock and key issues, and a smile is ensured with each job.

Burlingame Locks and Keys Locksmith is bonded, insured, licensed, and registered and has the tools and techniques to open any lock. Additionally, we follow the standard locksmith regulations and ensure the job is performed as specified.

If you live in Burlingame or the surrounding neighborhood and have a lock or key problem, there is no need to cry or suffer. Call us now.

Learn more about what we do and who we are in our about us section

Your security – depends on our locks and keys service.



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