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Commercial buildings must have the appropriate safety amenities for employees, but amid the hustling and running around to meet deadlines, we forget about safety and tragedies in the workplaces.

While history has taught us about tragedies, unfortunately, humans have not learned, and terrible things continue to happen regardless. Well, not anymore!

Do you own a commercial building with employees? Do you have the required exits and a panic bar installed in case there is a fire? If you have not, you need our service now. Call us at (415) 881-3721 right now. If you own a building in San Francisco, it must pass the Building Code rules that say panic bars must be at least 34 of the width of the door and easily operable.

Although many people fix panic bars on their exit doors, they fail to install them properly. This becomes a hindrance during tragic occurrences.

Why do you need a panic bar?

The main reason for a panic bar is for flawless exits during a fire or any other emergency. This reduces the risk of deaths and injuries. However, if the panic bar is not installed well, it will be difficult for employees to escape a building. For proper installation, call (415) 881-3721 to have your commercial property panic bar installed the right way according to building codes in San Francisco.

How do panic bars work?

Panic bars are emergency handles fixed onto commercial doors to make exits easier during a tragedy. The panic bar is also known as a crash bar or push bar, and the mechanism work by unlatching the door lock without the need for keys or cards. This hold-push level comes fitted with a spring-loaded bar that makes the door easy to open.

Why do commercial buildings have to install a panic bar on their property?

If you follow the San Francisco building code regulations, every building with employees must have at least two exit doors with panic bars fitted to aid easy exit.

A panic bar is necessary because

  • It improves building safety.
  • It is affordable and an easy way to safeguard your employees’ lives.
  • It is according to the SF building code.
  • It is an efficient way for commercial buildings to ensure employee safety if any problem arises. The Panic bar allows employees to exit the building in an orderly manner and alerts the safety authorities if there is an incident.

Panic bars reduce stampedes and shoving as people know they must be queued to exit the building safely.

With the following advantages, if you run a commercial operation in San Francisco and do not have a panic bar installed, this is the time to call the locksmith.

Call Neighborhood Locksmith SF at (415) 881-3721 to get a professional locksmith.

Are you ready to install panic bars?

Are you ready to install panic bars in your commercial building located in San Francisco and its surroundings? You know who to call for the job. Our locksmith will discuss the security details, your needs and work with your budget and the building to give you what is best. We have over 10 years of locksmithing experience and know we can deliver quality to all our commercial customers.

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