Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks

A magnet is a powerful force capable of holding two objects in place using opposing forces. Whatever you must have heard about magnets is true, and locks constitute one of the most secure systems to date. Like most high-security and smart locks, magnetic locks cannot be picked, and their versatility is incredible. Many people do not understand the inner workings of electromagnetic locks or have heard the wrong description from an inexperienced salesperson.

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What are electromagnetic locks?

In the locksmithing world, these locks are also known as maglocks, magnetic locks, and are locking devices that use the powerful force of a magnet and an armature plate to make spaces secure. The armature plate is a ferromagnetic plate that is attached to the alignment of the door. When hit by the magnet, it produces a force that clamps both surfaces together, keeping the door shut.

This is a bit of science, and you might need a locksmith to explain this to you in detail. The use of electromagnetic doors has increased over the years as many trusts their efficiency and strength to keep their spaces safe. Depending on the area of use, the electromagnetic holding force from an electromagnetic lock ranges from 200 to 4000 pounds. This is security if you ask us.

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Types of electromagnetic lock devices

These locks are categorized into types, namely, fail-secure or fail-safe. A door with a failed secure electromagnetic lock will remain locked and secured even without power. The fail-safe electromagnetic door is immediately unlocked without power. Most businesses or homes use the latter to enable easy passage of people stress-free.

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How do electromagnetic locks work?

When the electrons are charged by electricity, it causes an attraction between the electromagnet and armature plate. This creates a strong bond that keeps the door tightly shut. The principle here is simple; energized magnetic molecules collide with the armature plate to create a cohesive collinear bond that locks.

Overall, the electromagnetic lock uses the concept of unlike poles attracting to prevent the door from opening.

Benefits of electromagnetic doors in commercial buildings

  • It can be remotely controlled.
  • It is easy to install with a qualified locksmith.
  • It offers incredible security for doors and anywhere it is installed.
  • It is sturdy, durable, and criminal-proof.

The primary con with this lock is that it needs the power to energize the electrons to trigger an attraction that locks the door.

Although electromagnetic doors are expensive, call Neighborhood Locksmith SF at (415) 881-3721 for more information and affordability.

Your business is your investment; keep the doors tightly shut with an electromagnetic lock.

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