Door Knob Installation and Repair Service

Door Knob Installation and Repair Service

Coming home to a damaged doorknob is disheartening, but you must have been ignoring the signs from weeks past. People hardly mind the doorknobs and only pay attention when it is unique or has a never-before-seen design that makes your guests marvel. However, the doorknob is the hardware that controls the lock cylinder. It is the part you hold onto when opening or closing the door.

At Neighborhood Locksmith SF, we understand the desperation a damaged or non-functional doorknob can bring to the customer and have unique options to replace your old one. It can be via installation or repair, as the case may be. Our doorknob installation and repair service will enable you to secure your premises and make movement fluid and flawless.

Do you need a doorknob install or repair? Call us at (415) 881-3721 for all types of doorknobs, handles, hinges, locks, and hardware. Our products are top-notch and from the best lock manufacturers in the country.

Types of doorknobs and functions

Your doorknob choice depends on your requirement and use.

Keyed entrances – these are mainly used in residential property or offices where privacy is needed. They have a lock system and can be locked from the interior or exterior. Furthermore, they have a handle that must be depressed to can access.

Dummy door knobs – these are like doorknobs but do not function as such. They are perfect in kid’s rooms or areas where you do not need the door close but offer enough privacy without locking it.

Passage door knobs – are used to latch doors that easily swing open on their own such as cabinets or wardrobe doors. They come with a latch to securely hold them in place.

Choosing a doorknob for you?

There are several factors one should consider when picking a knob, such as:

Where can a doorknob be used – is it exterior or interior?

  • Quality of the doorknob – if the door is frequently used, a high-grade unit is required, or it gets damaged.
  • Material build – what is the doorknob made from?
  • Durability – This is enhancing with a professional installation, and we can help you to achieve that.

At Neighborhood Locksmith, we have an extensive array of doorknobs for every situation. Make your choice, and we will do the installation.

Why do you need us to install or repair your doorknob?

Installing or repairing the doorknob looks like fun, but it is a huge mistake and causes more expenses.

Only professional locksmiths can orient the doorknob correctly, which is a common mistake many DIY locksmiths miss when installing a doorknob.

Our locksmiths are trained to properly drill holes at the right angle through the door before installing the doorknob. The hole must be smooth and direct with any splinter or cracks that could jeopardize the stability of the installation.

A professional locksmith must ensure the doorknob aligns perfectly with the cylinder lock mechanism and the door, or else you lose the entire door.

If you fail to measure the bevel, the door with not lock properly and requires correction

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