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Locksmith San Francisco

Locksmith San Francisco

Locksmith San Francisco Trade Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

Locksmith San Francisco – When calling a locksmith, homeowners need to feel assured that the business they’re looking to deal with is both trustworthy and reliable. Neighborhood Locksmith San Francisco offers drivers, commercial businesses, and homeowners alike trusted services that they can rely on. From handling lockout situations in a friendly and timely manner to re-keying locks, property owners can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Getting locked out of a home or a car are both accidental occurrences that take place more often than one would assume. Whether a person is in a hurry or simply their minds are elsewhere, this situation could and can happen to virtually anyone. Before hiring a locksmith, here are some little known trade secrets that can help the process:

Without calling a locksmith for a jammed lock, it’s important to troubleshoot first and try WD-40 spray or a silicone-based spray. For reasons unknown, a lock may get unjammed thanks to the power of the spray and allow for the pins inside of the lock to start functioning again. Though many locksmiths don’t want property owners to know this, it’s important that everyone does perform their own basic troubleshooting before relying on professional help. As a side note, it’s also advisable to simply try opening the jammed door once again. The reason is that the door may open on its own accord, but since a locksmith has already been called, they will still charge for their services.

When hiring a professional San Francisco locksmith, it’s also important not to fall for the old bait and switch. This usually involves calling a lock specialist over the phone and they will quote a fairly low price on the line just to gain more business. Upon arrival at the vehicle lockout or problematic residence, they will proceed to raise their initially quoted prices stating that more work is needed than anticipated or an additional service is required. Only unscrupulous companies will do this, but trusted companies such as Neighborhood Locksmith SF won’t!

Certain locksmiths tend to take advantage of consumers in dire straits. They know that many people are simply willing to pay any price at any given time as long as their problem is resolved in a timely manner. A much better alternative to getting ripped off by an unscrupulous company is to call at least two to ensure that there are other options. Business owners know when they’re not alone and they’re less likely to take advantage of someone in an already stressful situation. The act of comparison shopping can also ensure that property and vehicle owners alike will get the lowest quoted rates possible.

For those looking to get their keys duplicated, hearing the old, “It can’t be duplicated!” speech may sound familiar. Though many locksmiths may make this claim, the fact remains that it isn’t entirely true! In fact, many car keys are able to be duplicated— it’s just that car dealerships don’t want drivers to know this. At the end of the day, getting a spare set of keys made to prevent future lockouts is a foolproof way to handle any situation pertaining to locks in a stress-free manner.

Perhaps the most often overlooked trade secret that consumers are rarely aware of is how cost prohibitive it is to have an unknown lock opened. Many people pick up old storage chests, safes or locked boxes at flea markets only to find themselves quite in shock by the price of opening said lock. Even if the item is a considerably good deal, unless it houses something important or irreplaceable, it’s best to keep walking because opening it is an entirely different matter!

Regardless of the type of lock that needs opening, Neighborhood Locksmith SF can help! From auto locksmith services to commercial and residential lock assistance, years of experience has helped Neighborhood Locksmith meet the needs of even their toughest critics. What’s more, they understand that lockouts and emergency situations may arise at the most inopportune times, which is why 24/7 around-the-clock locksmith services are available upon request. Thousands of local business owners, drivers, and residents have been satisfied by the company’s far-reaching services and their professional demeanor. With help just a phone call away, every dire situation is easily remedied!


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