Frequently Asked Questions

Although repairing a lock is cheaper than buying a new lock, some circumstances tilt toward replacing rather than repairing it. If the integral components of the lock are damaged, it is better to be replaced than repaired. However, if the main components are okay, then repair is best. Our locksmiths will not give you an answer until the lock is analyzed and examined to truly diagnose what is wrong with it. It is best to know that it is required for a lock to be replaced if it is damaged beyond repair. Other reasons that warrant lock replacement are forced entry, picked or compromised locks, old and worn out locks, or wear and tear of the parts. Additionally, if you are looking to upgrade your home or business security, a lock replacement is the best option.

Our experienced locksmith will change a regular lock within 15 to 40 minutes. It depends on the state of the lock when the locksmith arrives at your location. However, if the lock change is the same model and brand as the old one, it takes less time.

If it is different, it will take more time because the design and placement are different. Most times, the locksmith has to make minor adjustments to the door when fixing a totally new lock brand.

Due to security risks and identity theft, we will not open a locked door, office, or car with a valid identification card. This not only certifies you as the owner but keeps us safe from any police case or lawsuit in the future. However, if the identification is inside your car, house, or office, we will request you get it before we proceed with the job. If you cannot find a valid ID, you must bring two or three people to identify you. However, if the call comes in at night, we will relieve you of the stress, but you will have to fill out a standard form with your details for further verification.

Secondly, please give a detailed account of what is wrong with the lock or key to enable us to send the appropriate locksmith for the job. If the lock is a conventional one or a modern version, be specific.

Yes, we can, but you must stay calm and do not tamper with the door. If your car is packed in a secluded area, please come to where people are for safety purposes and to enable you to see the locksmith they arrive. If the vehicle is suddenly stuck in traffic, alert the road police and call a tow truck to move the car to a safer location, and then call us. 

Furthermore, we deal with all types of car locks, including cars with deadbolts and brands with programmable systems. We have trained and qualified professionals to help you out.

Until now, we have never seen a car door regardless of the brand that we could not unlock. However, cars fitted with a custom lock system or high-security system might take a while, but we have the team and expertise to unlock any car door. We recommend our clients give us details of the car, model, and lock system to enable us to send a qualified locksmith to your location. For custom-fitted locks, the drilling process might cause some damage. However, our locksmith will work with little or no notable damage.

Absolutely, yes, they are security enhancement for all premises. It is not necessary unless the door is old and worn out. Most smart locks are designed to fit any door, and we have the technical team to ensure they stay in place. We will make a few adjustments to enable the lock to sit securely. Other than these minor alterations, your old door is okay for any smart lock.

Well, no, but they are also human and might not be in the right frame of mind to work. However, if your service offers a 24-hour locksmith service, then it is only fair that you honor your customers when they call. 

These are some reasons why locksmiths can turn down a job even with a 24/7 locksmith attached to their ad.

They suspect the job is a setup.

The caller might be a prankster.

The locksmith is on another job and cannot make it within the set time.

If the caller cannot effectively give the necessary details when questioned over the phone, the locksmith might not come for the job. 

Regardless of the reason, locksmiths are human and must take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their jobs. Other than that, we will send a locksmith immediately after a call.

The first action is to not panic. Panic creates confusion, fear, and lack of focus. It is a tense moment, we know, but panicking is not the way forward. Secondly, do not attempt to break into your own home. It does not make sense, and you will end up damaging the lock, hardware, and even the door. The best thing to do is call a certified locksmith at (415) 881-3721 if you reside in San Francisco.

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For decades, we are proud to be the go-to locksmith for residential, commercial, and industrial outlets with a track record for excellence, customer satisfaction, and a 100% guarantee.